Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles and Grout

Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles and Grout

Are you looking for bathroom tiles ideas? If you need your bathroom tiles to stay clean for years, porcelain would be the best material to go with. It’s strong, waterproof, and highly resistant, and without easy scratching or staining, it is easy to maintain. Porcelain can even be used to make beautiful effects on your floor, as it comes in an array of vibrant colours and is also capable of being made into intricate designs.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

The best thing about porcelain bathroom tiles is that it has such wide-ranging options when it comes to colour. It’s perfectly possible to find them in every colour from bright and cheerful orange to deep rich plum shades. They can be designed to resemble marble or granite countertops in a way that makes them look both classy and extremely luxurious. If you want a bathroom with lots of drama, try going for dramatic dark or tousled tiles that can help create the impression of a bigger room.

Another bathroom tiles idea is to buy some large square grout and fill it with a sealer. Once you’ve got your walls and floor covered, then you can work on the floor. Most homeowners start with the walls first, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some interesting effects onto the floor. Using coloured grout can make an entire floor appear almost as if it was made up of individual tiles, which is something that you will appreciate.

Wall Tiles

To give your walls some added depth, you could use some huge rectangular tiles that start narrow and gradually widen as you work your way across. You don’t need to have your walls lined with colourful bathroom tiles to get this effect, as many regular-looking tiles just won’t have the same impact. If you want to try a different theme for your walls, consider buying some unique bathroom tiles that contrast with the wallpaper that is already on display.

bathroom tiles

Think about using bathroom tiles that are made from natural materials like marble or granite. These are usually much more expensive than the other bathroom tiles ideas, but they will provide a much cleaner surface and they are normally easier to maintain. Some bathroom tiles are also manufactured using ceramic, which is a cheaper alternative. A ceramic tile can last for many years if you take very good care of it. Many people think that ceramic tile is hard-wearing and that it won’t crack, but it’s a very tough material. If you get a tile with a high gloss finish that is sealed, then it can last for years without any problems.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different bathroom tiles if you’re planning on improving the look of your room. One thing to remember though is to make sure that whichever flooring you use, it matches the existing base tiles that you’ve chosen. You can mix different coloured bases to create a unique and interesting design. For example, red and white tiles can be used on top of black or white base tiles to give a creative look. There are endless combinations that you could come up with when trying to create a unique look.

When choosing your bathroom tiles and your bathroom grout, you should choose a grout colour that will go with the tiles. Black grout is often a popular choice, because it’s easy to see, easy to clean, and you can use a variety of different colours with it. Grout colours are often determined by the colour of the bathroom suite that you are choosing. For example, if you are selecting a bathroom suite that is in the classic black colour scheme, then you would most likely want to select some dark coloured grout.


It is very important to select a suitable pattern for the walls of your bathroom. Bathroom walls don’t have to have a pattern, but it is important that they do, to give your bathroom a look that is both interesting and different. Some great wall patterns for bathroom tiles include stripes, checkers, checks, circles, squares, and even ovals. If you are looking for a pattern for your bathroom tiles, then you should consider a wallpaper pattern. Wallpaper is generally quite cheap and easy to apply, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding wallpaper to suit. Wallpapers also look great on tile walls, giving them a similar look to the floor and walls that your bathroom flooring was designed to complement.

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