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Why Should You Choose Kitchen Tiles?

Kitchen tiles are integral parts of any kitchen. From the kitchen floor tile to kitchen tiles design, you need to make a good choice when selecting new kitchen tiles. Your cooking area could be a large kitchen, a galley or an island, it does not matter anymore. There’s a wide range of tiles that will inspire your cooking style to a new high and will surely make you feel like an accomplished chef.

Tile Material

Ceramic tiles are known for their elegance and versatility. These kitchen tiles can be used both inside and outside the kitchen. They’re also known for their hard-wearing, low-maintenance properties. Besides, these kitchen tiles are usually available in various shades and designs. 

Vinyl kitchen tiles are also called DIY tiles or non-slip kitchen tiles. Their adhesive and slip-resistance are very high compared to other flooring tiles. However, there’s one problem – vinyl flooring tiles are quite pricey compared to other types of kitchen tiles and vinyl flooring tiles are also much harder to clean. But if you know the right use of this type of kitchen tiles, you’ll never regret having them as your flooring tiles.

Travertine kitchen tiles are most often used in bathrooms but they make a great flooring material in the kitchen as well. Travertine is a naturally formed limestone rock that looks very elegant. The unique feature of travertine kitchen tiles is that it makes a perfect kitchen flooring material whether you want a simple kitchen with a plain kitchen floor or an extravagant kitchen with travertine slabs.

Glass kitchen tiles are widely used in the kitchen as its colour and visual effects are very appealing. But there’s a problem – glass kitchen tiles are fragile. But this doesn’t mean that glass kitchen tiles can’t be used at all. Kitchen designers have discovered the magic of using coloured glass tiles as part of kitchen tiles. So if you don’t want to spend a fortune on this kitchen flooring tile type, don’t worry.

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You have plenty of options available when it comes to kitchen tiles as they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. It’s impossible for you not to find a kitchen floor tile that will suit your kitchen design. So no matter what kind of kitchen design you have in mind, there’s a kitchen flooring tile that’s designed to fit your needs. If you want to add value to your kitchen then you need to realize that the best tile for kitchen is made of ceramic kitchen tiles.

Ceramic kitchen tiles come as kitchen floor tile design since they are very easy to install. This is why many kitchen designers prefer ceramic kitchen tiles over other kitchen tiles as they are durable and you can also rest assured that the installation wouldn’t be very taxing for you. When it comes to installing a granite countertop, grout and the backing materials used for countertops, ceramic tiles give a very nice look. However, you can never overlook the beauty of backsplash tiles.

Backsplash tiles provide a unique look to the kitchen. The great thing about backsplash tiles is that you can always mix and match them with other tiles in your kitchen. For instance, if you have white kitchen tiles, then you can easily install a black kitchen backsplash tile on top of it. Although porcelain floor tile is durable, these tiles won’t look that good if you use similar shades for your kitchen floors.